If you can understand native English speakers, the rest will take care of itself. Haxning is the best optimized Youtube content application for English listening. Here you will find everything you need to push your English listening skills to the next level!


The best Player for listening English

The detailed interface provides the user with the Youtube player to help improving English listening skills significantly

Hide subtitles to test your listening level

Use the Repeat button for dictation and shadowing

Customized Youtube Player full of learning features

AI Smart-dictionary

Try to use the Word Memorizer function. Haxning AI will identify your weak learning pattern based on words that you have trouble to memorize.

Save a new word in Word Memorizer

Check and practice a word pronunciation immediately

I don’t have to open another window to search words when I am watching Youtube anymore thanks to Haxning!
Azumi / Sales
I think Haxning isn’t easy for beginners, but I highly recommend it to intermediate English learners who often practice shadow speaking.
Chisato / Student
I often watch business channels on Youtube for my job. Personally, Haxning is a really good way to learn business and English at the same time.
Zuming / CEO
Memorizing words was a nightmare before I found Haxning. It’s still not easy, but I feel I can do a lot more now.
Linh / Teacher
Haxning will be the best solution for improving English Listening skills!

If you are willing to learn English quickly, listening to the language is a key point. Using Youtube is a great way to expose yourself to native English speakers, and Haxning is the best tool to enhance your learning experience.

Personalized feed

Curation system keeps you entertained. The more you study the more your content will be personalized. The system will also analyze your learning pattern to provide a better learning experience.

Favorite Topics

Find more topics that interest you. Hundred(s) of videos are uploaded every day from YouTube. Studying your favourite topic is the best way to remain engaged.

AI word list

It isn’t just a simple vocabulary list. AI will analyze your learning difficulties and suggest similar words automatically. Haxning will keep you engaged with word notifications.

Discover Favorite

By using an effective search tool, you can access popular videos from other users. You can either discover new interests or the most popular videos for English learning.

Coming soon

Dictation Practice

Dictation is one of the best learning techniques to improve your listening skills. Choose sentences that are difficult for you to understand and practice dictation. AI will also analyze your learning weakness to provide you with the most relevant videos.

Coming soon

Speaking Practice

If you practice shadow speaking consistently, try to practice the right pronunciation. AI will also help to improve your pronunciation.

Learn from favorites

The most efficient way to improve your English is studying from your favorite topics and channels. Haxning uploads more than a hundred of videos every day!


Learn words anywhere

When you encounter an uknown word – save it. Notifications will help you to memorize new words.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Haxning a free service?
A: Yes. In the near future, it may as well provides some premium features, but the personalized feed and Haxning player for your listening training will always be free to use.

Q: Does Haxning use my YouTube feed?
A: Haxning feed is different from your personal one. Haxning provides you a specialized feed matching your learning progress and expectations.

Q: AI doesn't seem to work
A: Haxning needs specific data to recognize your learning pattern. The more you learn or search, the more the AI will able to assist you with personalized content.